Mobile Web Design

Technology is changing rapidly, and if youíve got a website itís essential youíre able to keep up with the times. A traditional design wonít work in a mobile capacity and the influx of smartphones, tablets and iPads means you need to ensure youíre fully compatible ó itís important to give customers what they want, because if they canít use your site they could easily look elsewhere.

What makes mobile design different?

To begin with, itís important to consider the fact that tablets and smartphones have much smaller screens than their traditional counterparts, so youíll need to alter your design accordingly. Something that looks great on a regular screen will easily look chaotic on a tablet or mobile, and if your text is too small you wonít be offering customers a good experience. Touch interaction offers a another point of consideration rather than having a mouse to play with, customers will be using their fingertips so you need to make sure that everything is compatible and totally user-friendly ó and then you need to think about Flash capability. Apple doesnít allow Flash functionality on any of its devices so youíll want to avoid this program altogether, because with iPads dominating the tablet market (by September 2011, almost 40million units had been sold worldwide) itís essential youíre able to meet customer expectations.

How can I make sure Iím compatible?

Thereís a lot to think about when it comes to mobile design, but as long as you remember a few important points youíll be able to transform your website into one thatís mobile-friendly and ready for action:

Give customers what they want

Customers expect to receive a great online experience no matter what device they choose, and itís important that youíre able to give it to them. In some cases a few tweaks could be all it takes whilst at other times you might need a complete mobile redesign, and you should never underestimate the importance of meeting customer demand. The market is continually growing so it makes sense to act now before you lose out, and weíre able to provide the services you need to ensure you give customers what they want.

Mobile redesign from WebHot Designs

Weíre a web design and development company based just outside Norwich, Norfolk, and we know what it takes to make a good design. We can transform your regular site into one thatís totally fit for a mobile browsing audience, ensuring that customers can view your site no matter what device they choose. We wonít bombard you with fussy design ideas because we like to keep things simple, and when it comes to the web (and, in particular, the mobile web) thatís exactly how we think it should be. Just take a look at for an example of the type of mobile site we can create and get in touch for the same level of service, and youíll be fully mobile-compatible in no time at all.